mitch-hallSales and Marketing Manager

Mitch Hall brings 25 years of sales experience to SuburbanBuzz — or as he likes to say, “client appreciation” experience. With a background in office, industrial and retail leasing to software know-how, his goal is to help businesses reach their target demographics through professionally developed websites and marketing initiatives. “That’s my way of saying I help bridge the gap between you and your customers,” he says. “If you want to connect people to your goods and services through the Internet, I’m your guy.”

A “People” Background

Mitch has achieved career accolades in sales and service through a “client first” philosophy. He truly believes that customers want and deserve a wonderful online experience — both his customers and your customers. But the Internet can seem intimidating. How in the world do you harness its power, especially in a highly competitive market?

If you need help demystifying the process, call Mitch. He listens, he helps define your strategies, and works with you to achieve your objectives. Above all, he respects your time and budget, while helping you create an outstanding marketing site, social media presence, and sales platform. After all, the mission is to impress your audience, boost web traffic and get noticed!

He works with any real estate professional from commercial to residential (and is licensed to sell real estate), as well as businesses of any size — start ups, authors, electricians, interior designers, athletes, doctors, lawyers, dog groomers and Fortune 500 companies! Consult with him if you need to increase your online traffic. For instance, some clients need a brand new web-site, others simply need a revamp, while others need a marketing jump start. Mitch helps businesses sort it all out with cost-effective, innovative solutions.

Know Your Sales Rep!

In his spare time, Mitch volunteered for years as an elementary school Spanish teacher and is fully bilingual. “It’s very rewarding teaching kids and seeing their minds work when learning a new language,” he notes. Call him tenacious, because he is a “later in life” student himself, and is working on a Bachelors of Business Administration at St. Edwards University-Austin. “It makes my mother proud,” he jokes. But seriously, it takes quite a bit of focus to juggle work, family and school. A university diploma is a testament to his belief in lifelong education.

Family means everything to Mitch. He is a father of a teenage son who excels in track and will be attending the University of Texas in a few years. He is also a son, mentor and sports fan who is actively involved in the community. He gravitated toward the service industry because he truly wants to help people reach their personal and business milestones.

Mitch works with customers in Texas, across the United States, and in other countries. Most of all, he wants to work with you! Email him at or call
him at 512-788-2682.