Compel readers to “turn the page… “

Our graphics team consults with authors to develop beautiful, inspirational book covers — front and back!

Book covers are a sales tool. A good book cover can tempt a potential buyer to pick up your book, turn it over, and read the back cover blurb. This is the moment when a sale happens (or not)!

Graphic Book Cover Design

Make sure your front and back covers “speak” to your audience. SuburbanBuzz specializes in artwork that makes your exterior as special as your interior. Before we begin a project, we first make sure understand your book, novel, memoir or biography. What is it that makes your manuscript special? We target the essence and encapsulate it in images.

Hook Your Readers!

You have this one opportunity to attract and entice an audience. And the truth is, most DO judge a book by its cover. No worries! With SuburbanBuzz creating your artwork, you’ll have a front and back book cover that means something. It’s your very own custom artwork on one of the most important “projects” in your career!

Check out our portfolio and see what our graphic artists can do for you.

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Book Cover Design