If you don’t have an integrated blog on your website, you have a problem.

Blogging opens your business to the World Wide Web and new customers. How will people know about you if you don’t get the word out?

Help is here! We can add a blog to your site. Better yet, we can blog for you as a marketing strategy that draws traffic to your website. We also offer blogging tutorials to help your staff blog effectively. Contact us for a price quote. You’ll be surprised at how easily blogging becomes a part of your business.

Challenges and Solutions!

Lack of time and know-how is the problem. SuburbanBuzz is the solution.

Customers who hire us for branding, marketing and website development often have questions. They may not understand the power of a blog. They may not have time to blog. They may not understand key words and tags. We have a solution.

We are expert content writers. We develop web copy and blog posts which feed the search engines. This is key. You and your company are the “authors.” We ghost write and post for you. We have provided blogging services for lawyers, doctors, plumbers, maid services, sports figures and other businesses. Hire us to launch a robust blog that gains traction and increases your online footprint! Get noticed! Help your customers find you!

Cost-Friendly Blogging

Companies often say, “But I can’t afford to blog. I don’t have the time or resources.”

You really can’t afford NOT to blog, and that’s where SuburbanBuzz comes in. We blog for you at reasonable rates. This is a smart marketing investment and a simple way to reach your target demographics. Contact us for a consultation and quote. You’ll be glad you did.

Again, Why Should I Blog?

The answer is simple and three-fold: 1.) search engines, 2.) connection with customers, and 3.) authority.

Blogs Feed the Search Engines

Blog posts feed the search engines. Your blog keeps your website active, and activity “feeds” the search engines. Stagnate websites are ignored by the search engines and your customers (unless you have huge name recognition and customers already know how to find you). Some of the top-ranked businesses are very small. But they blog. This gives them an advantage and helps customers find them. That’s the way search engines work.

Blogs Connect You With customers

Do you offer specials? Host events? Have announcements? Blog posts are the ideal format to introduce “news.” Get the word out there! Tell the world about your company, products and services! Promote your own customers, perhaps shouting out their news, as well. Blogs can bring in business and create goodwill. It shows you care and want to connect. Posts inform and spark interest.

Blog Posts Create Authority on Search Engines

Posting frequently helps you become an “authority” on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and other search engines. This is why small businesses can rank top page on Google! They create an online footprint that can’t be ignored. They post consistently, at least once a week (and at an optimum, three times a week). Your blog helps you maintain a priceless presence on the Internet.


We are expert SEO content writers who write for HUMANS. We take the burden out of maintaining a blog, use key words and key phrases that draw traffic, and connect you with an online audience. Hire us to manage your blog and posts. And be sure to check out our full suite of products and services.

For more information, email or call 281-615-9032.

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