Content drives traffic to your website.

Why a Blog Matters

We can optimize your website, but to really gain traction you need an integrated blog. Why? Because each blog post infuses the search engines with new information. If your blog is maximized with key words and phrases, plus SEO tactics involving headers, tags and meta descriptions, you are literally “alerting” the search engines and driving traffic to your site.

Blog Integration is Key

Perhaps you have another blog somewhere other than your website. Well, then your are driving traffic away from your website. Instead, blog for your website and direct attention there.

Your website blog can inform, compel, highlight specials, announce events, and share calls to action. Each post can be shared across social networks, further propelling your message.

How Often Should You Blog?

How competitive is your industry? If you are competing for dollars, then an economical online strategy involves blogging. A strong, well written, fully optimized blog post is “news” to the search engines. And search engines LOVE news! In fact, smaller companies can outrank larger companies simply because they become authorities in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo by injecting valuable content for the cyber community.

Some businesses blog monthly. Some blog weekly. Some choose to blog twice a week, especially if their website is new. These targeted blog posts ramp up interest and make an impression.

We can Blog for YOU!

Don’t have time? Don’t have the training? SuburbanBuzz blogs for clients to increase the effectiveness of online campaigns. We help ensure that you are “found.”

In short, blogging helps you get noticed. With innumerable competing distractions out there, consumers need to find YOU. Give them the opportunity! Your blog posts are a beacon and focus attention on your site. They help consumers “hit” on your products and services.

Contact SuburbanBuzz for blog integration and all your blogging needs! We are here to assist!

Blog Integration