How do you communicate the value of a product or service to customers?

SuburbanBuzz helps you focus on opportunities to “tell your story” and increase sales with market-oriented strategies.

Marketing strategies are dynamic and interactive. They cross borders, venturing online, into print, and across the airwaves. The goal is to fill market needs by placing your products and services in front of customers.

Guerrilla Marketing

Perhaps “traditional” marketing is beyond of scope of your budget. Perhaps you can’t afford to hire a publicist, a billboard company, or book a television appearance. Low-cost and localized guerrilla marketing is a solution.

We promote products, services and ideas with unconventional tactics involving time, energy and imagination. Read more…

Product Marketing

Identifying potential markets and encouraging sales — these six words that encapsulate product marketing. SuburbanBuzz helps you look at market opportunities in print, in traditional and alternative media, and in cyberspace.

Online Marketing

Connecting with customers through online newsletters, eblasts and press releases is a cost effective marketing strategy. Promiting your specials, announcements, and events benefits everyone — your business and your customers.

SuburbanBuzzSocial Marketing

Social media feeds the discovery of new content. News stories, specials, announcements, photography, products and services can be heralded online, which, in turn, can help search engine optimization efforts. Most importantly, social media builds online relationships, connecting you with customers and links and brings traffic to your business sites. Examples include:

* Blogging
* Facebook
* Twitter
* YouTube

Mobile and Digital Marketing

Marketing on mobile devices such as a cell phone has remarkable reach. The convenience of a mobile phone app promotes goods, services and ideas — and games and products. Talk to us about a phone app. We can help.

Digital marketing includes the use of electronic devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards and gaming consoles). We help you define digital marketing campaigns.

Testimonial Marketing

Reputation management is part and parcel of customer feedback. What are your customers saying about you? Words and impressions are powerful and easily accessible online. From Google, Yahoo, and eBay, to Angie’s List and your own website testimonials, your reviews matter. Ask us how we can help.

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