We handle all your publishing needs:

• Editing
• Publishing
• Book Cover Design
• Back Cover Blurb
• Website or Landing Page
• Book Trailer
• Social Media
• Marketing
• Press Releases

From print editions to ebooks, we take the headache (and mystery) out of designing, formatting, publishing, and promoting your labor of love.


Books In Print

Want your book formatted for print? Do you have photography and images? No problem! We prepare your manuscript for publication, determine book dimension, recommend the best fonts for titles and text, and help you deliver it to a printing service.

We’ve formatted a portfolio of on-demand print editions for CreateSpace and independent printers. We’ll help you navigate the confusion and pinpoint what works best for your manuscript.

“Holly formatted my original manuscript (and the sequel) for ebook and print versions. She developed my project for Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace, and thanks to her I have an Amazon page—and a landing page! She also created my book covers. What a valuable service, with lots of hand-holding and attention to detail. I highly recommend the SuburbanBuzz publishing services.” ~ Author John Ferris, the Orion’s Belt Trilogy

eBooks for Nook, Kindle, iPad, and Smashwords

It takes time, temperament and know-how to perfectly format an ebook. We do it for you! Whether your goal is Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords — no worries!

“Holly understood my memoir before she designed the cover, and perfectly captured the mood and meaning. Now she’s formatting my book for Nook, Kindle, iPad and Smashwords and developing my website. I and appreciate and recommend SuburbanBuzz Publishing!” ~ Author Sally Gerth


Do not publish an unedited book. Believe us, a professional pair of eyes makes all the difference and spares your readers those annoying (and embarrassing) lapses in punctuation and grammar. You worked HARD on your book. Why spoil it with a lack of editing? Our in-house book editor has edited a variety of genres and is a certified English teacher and magazine editor. She holds your hand through the process and strives to retain your voice and vision while eradicating problems with flow, plot holes, and dialogue yawns. She’s honest, and as an author herself, she understands your investment of emotion and labor.

“When my book editor Melanie Saxton recommended a graphic artist, I knew I was in good hands. Holly designed my cover and formatted my book for Barnes & Noble and Amazon —ebook and print version. She also designed my website. She’s amazing!” ~ Velma Jackson-Wilkins


Need a final pass-through? It can’t hurt. Our proofreading services are cost-efficient and timely, searching out the simple mistakes overlooked by others.


You get all the glory. We do the writing. If you have a great story but don’t know how to write it, call our book editor! She’s ghostwritten many books, including memoirs, devotionals, business, biographies, and Sci-Fi.

Some authors send us tapes and notes for transcription. Some email us memories and recollections. We interview you and develop the manuscript from soup to nuts:

• Front Matter
• Foreword
• Acknowledgments
• Dedication
• Table of Contents
• Body of Work
• Resources
• Indices

 Book Cover Design

Nothing deflates interest like an ugly or unprofessional book cover. You’ve seen them. Terrible design does nothing to promote your book. SuburbanBuzz ensures that your book cover soars as a marketing tool and first impression, hooking interest from the get-go.

Often a book cover “speaks” to the story inside, alluding to theme or plot. We listen, review and collaborate to launch graphic art you can be proud of.

Website Development

Your website is a powerful tool, connecting your to readers, reviewers and buyers. It is the one place you can link all your social media, news, announcements, specials, author biography, and feedback. A good website “works hard” for you, making your book easy to find. Connect with your fans on a website that can be simple or robust, depending on your needs.

Remember, if you are writing a series, all of your work can be heralded and promoted from one unique website.

Social Media Management

We’ve helped many authors create and manage Facebook and Twitter pages, often updating the sites weekly…or daily. New books need that extra boost and fan base. After all, how will readers know about your book if you don’t put it out there on social media forums?

Perhaps you only need help in the beginning. Perhaps you are too busy writing a sequel to market your first book? We step in as long as you need us.

Contact SuburbanBuzz today for your book publishing project! We look forward to serving you!