Melanie Saxton

Copywriter and Editor 

Melanie Saxton was brought on board SuburbanBuzz as the “verbal element.” She has collaborated with founder Holly Chervnsik for the past four years, specializing in media and content as a widely published magazine writer and editor.

She was honored with the Excellence in Cancer Journalism American Cancer Society Media Award in 2009. Her years in the “world of words” has connected her to organizations and business leaders, and she’s interviewed many notable talents in business, music, sports, literature and the arts.

Content Writing and Marketing

Over her 30+ year career, Melanie has watched the online industry emerge and notes that the “first impression” of a business, philanthropy or individual is their website. Soon she was “repairing” the content of client sites through editing. She began content writing in earnest and segued into SEO strategies, social marketing and advertising—simply because people asked for her help. Today she specializes in online content, print marketing, manuscript editing and social media campaigns for SuburbanBuzz clients.

Education, Family and “Hats”

Melanie graduated from University of Houston with a degree in English. She’s a busy mom to a teen daughter and a houseful of rescued animals. And she wears many “writing hats.”

Primarily, she enjoys writing architectural and engineering articles for Geometrica, an international design firm. Her work appears in Dry Cargo International, World Coal, World Cement, Engineering & Mining Journal, and others. She wears another “hat” as a contributing editor for five local Lifestyles & Homes magazines. She’s also an English teacher and a book editor. When she’s not working, you’ll find her reading novels, interacting on social media, galavanting around Houston, or developing reality TV pitches (you never know when lightning will strike).

Favorite Interviews

Ask about her top ten favorite interviews, and she’ll mention: 1.) Lyle Lovett (musician), 2.) Victoria Osteen (televangelist), 3.) Dave Coulier (formerly of Full House), 4.) Frank Bielec (formerly of TLC’s Trading Spaces), 4.) George Foreman (boxer and grill aficionado), 5.) A.J. Foyt (race car legend), 6.) Barbara Bush (former First Lady), 7.) Connie Cooke (author of Caymon Heat and the Lifetime Television series by the same name), 8.) Jim Crane (owner of the Houston Astros), and 10.) Danielle Bradbery (Season 4 winner of The Voice)… wait! She also enjoyed interviewing Melissa D’Arabian of the Food Network and Senator Rick Santorum, CEO of EchoLight Studios and producer of the 2013 holiday classic, The Christmas Candle.

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Melanie Saxton