Professional editing matters

We have a professional book editor on staff with an extensive portfolio of satisfied authors. We also edit manuscripts and web copy for our clients.

As you know, writing is an emotional journey. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees. Just as a surgeon won’t operate on him/herself, neither should authors edit their own manuscripts. It’s much better to have a professional, unbiased set of eyes to “fix” errors ensure your book, novel, memoir or biography is published in its best form.

Editing services are critical to rave reviews and word of mouth. Make sure your manuscript is presented in the most elevated manner possible. The book editor at SuburbanBuzz has worked with dozens of authors and publications. This experience is invaluable for authors.

Targeted Corrections:

We respect your style and voice. Our editing simply elevates your writing by removing errors which distract readers.

Misspellings, typos, grammatical errors, usage and style, tense, subject-verb agreement, hyphenation, mislabeling, awkward transitions and consistency.

Tightening prose, rewriting copy, editing for length and completeness.

Concept, flow, pacing, and layout.

Developmental editing, line editing or copy-editing.

Pre-Launch Editing Services for Authors

Prepare your novel for publication! You’ve gone through the effort of writing it. Now let it shine with professional editing.

They say a doctor should not operate on himself. Nor should an author edit their own work. It is too difficult to see the forest for the trees, and an unbiased extra pair of eyes makes all the difference.

You’ve come this far. Now have the best possible result with editing services by Suburbanbuzz. We provide quality work for quality rates.

For more information, email or call for a quote at 281-615-9032.

Editing Services