Your content should be flawless

You are investing in a website. Why not have your content proofed? Better yet, let SuburbanBuzz create and optimize your website with SEO-friendly content.

What are you selling? What are you promoting? Your content should be exciting and compelling! We can help!

SEO-Friendly Content Editing / Proofing

Our in-house staff of writers and book editors ensure your website content is professionally written and error-free. Expert craftsmanship, calls to action, and enticing verbiage helps your business make an excellent online impression.

The key to search engine optimization lies in your key words and phrases. We can optimize your web content and target the search engines. This helps you rank top page on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The challenge is to balance your narrative with the technical aspects necessary to “feed” the search engines.


Tongue-tied? Not a writer? We get it! The truth is, is takes words (and wordsmithing) to pull traffic to your site. For instance, the search engines LOVE news and consider blogs to be news. So even a small company can outrank a large company IF they commit to content creation that is unique, original, informative and frequently shared.

Yes, you should be blogging… or hire us to do it for you. We blog for all industries: medical, legal, realty, consumer-driven, and even for authors. Consider us your writing concierge.

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 Content Editing / Proofing