Why Social Media?

Social media is a remarkably powerful tool. It helps businesses network and draws website traffic through an abundance of social media platforms. It can also motivate target audiences, drive sales, encourage customer feedback, herald new products and services, announce news and publicize events. The goal is to make customers and stakeholders “participants” rather than viewers. It gives businesses an opportunity to launch “calls to action” (CTA) and invitations to subscribe to their content.

SuburbanBuzz helps your company join social channels so that consumers can interact with you. It’s that simple. It allows you to provide a personal touch and build loyalty.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn covers. We can design your page images, branded to your logo and project.

Social networking builds business relationships. Engage with customers and potential clients.

Social media marketing (SMM): We build content that is meant to be shared while increasing brand exposure and reaching customers.

Social media optimization (SMO): Adding social media links to web content makes sense. For example, consider integrating RSS feeds and share or “like” buttons. SMO also involves status updates on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, and fresh posts to blogs.

SuburbanBuzz can create social media accounts and “pages” for our clients, link them to other sites, design cover art, and creating content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

Social media interaction takes effort and oversight. Sometimes busy companies and organizations simply do not have the time and resources needed to manage their social media. That’s where SuburbanBuzz can help. Hire us to update, post, tweet, write and post blogs, and inform you of feedback and leads. We can also help you choose the social media venues that will best help market your products and services.

Social media is where the action is. It allows you to connect with social media followers “where they are,” in real time, and discover what they are reposting and retweeting. It allows you to tune in to what’s trending, what’s new, and what interests your clientele.

Social media platforms include:

• Social networking websites and blogs
• Mobile phones

Social networking Blogs
Believe it or not, bloggers have a tremendous impact on our economy, affecting everything from print publishing to how brands market themselves online. The mission is to get your products and services “mentioned” on these blogs… and often this depends the content you make available. SuburbanBuzz can help.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phone usage also provides a constant tie to social media marketing. The cell phones of today have social networking capabilities, updating individuals about activity on social networking sites in real-time. SuburbanBuzz can consistently update your social media sites so that followers see your posts, ads, and specials.


There is no time like the present to take advantage of social media. From the creation of accounts to social media management, SuburbanBuzz can help you utilize powerful marketing opportunities. We help you utilize social media in a world of online commerce and connect you with your target audience. We are happy to help you navigate the complexities and locate social marketing strategies that meets your needs.

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Social Media Marketing