Sienna Bernal, the Short-order Chef©

Sienna Bernal,
the Short-order Chef©

For fun… and for business!

We design avatars that are a reflection of you. Avatars and caricatures can be an innovative part of your marketing. In fact, they can lead to better branding. Avatars can be professional, creative or playful, and can certainly create an impression.

Avatars Aren’t Only for Social Media

We see them on Facebook and Twitter. Your online persona is a virtual version of you. But avatars are also important branding images for your website and blog. Some companies use cartoon images, caricatures and avatars as a virtual “salesman” who herald services. Your avatar can also represent an ideal customer who becomes a “fan” or “spokesman” for a favorite product.

Check out our samples!


Katy Paint Pro©

Appropriate. Targeted. Clever. We capture your personal essence and combine it with a special angle. It becomes a meaningful graphic with impact and panache!




Dr. Elvis Torres©


Danielle Steel©


Melanie Saxton©


Jane Haynes©


Heather Reichert©



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