When “traditional” just doesn’t cut it

You’ve most likely been quoted a fortune to market your products, services or ideas. Chances are, you’ve been quoted an outrageous price for traditional marketing initiatives. But local marketing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Sometimes boutique services beat the pants off the big agencies, because customers can actually afford the price tag!

Big Agency Results for Less!

When traditional advertising isn’t enough (or is “too much”), SuburbanBuzz can utilize guerrilla marketing tactics that capitalize on time, energy and interactive ideas to spread your message.

SuburbanBuzz focuses on broadening your reach, generating interest and targeting potential customers without the costs associated with old school advertising. Online initiatives are not only cost-effective, but have an ever-increasing consumer impact. Cross-promotions, multi-level ads and grassroots (combined with our “buzz”) generates interest, brand exposure, visibility and sales.

About the “Buzz” in SuburbanBuzz

Sometimes utilizing our “buzz” makes the best sense. We can engage customers or prospective customers to generate leads and interest. The goal is to created a memorable brand experience through low cost creativity.

Guerrilla Marketing in the Houston Market

Every campaign is different. But the unifying mission is: more with less. Trust SuburbanBuzz to develop strategies that develop, define and get you noticed in Houston and surrounding communities — without destroying your marketing budget.


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Guerrilla Marketing